Finals week craziness

I know I don’t blog much, but I had to get this out. So I start on the Omnipod on Friday… YAY… but it’s finals week and I have three days of testing left before I fly home on thurs afternoon. I went to change my current pump’s infusion set/resevoir this morning and it starts shooting insulin everywhere and alerting. After searching on here for what A33 means I found out that there is nothing I can do and the pump is done for. I would call and get a replacement but I’m switching pump companies on Friday (and current pump is either out of warranty or soon will be). So I’ll be back on shots of novolog and lantus till the switch, but of course it’s going to be fun doing this while taking finals after not being on shots for quite awhile!!! The stress just keeps pileing up for me!!! I have to make a B average in all my classes to be “passing”, and I’m borderline in my two hardest classes. I just hope I don’t go low in any of the exams. I have Gross Anatomy practical and lecture exams tomorrow. Intro. to Clinical, and Professional Issues 1 on wed. and then the big cummulative Kinesology final (that scares me to death) on thurs. Catching a bus by 3:30 for the Boston airport and flying home around 8. CAN’T WAIT TO BE HOME! AND FOR OMNIPOD TRAINING ON FRIDAY!!! … Just hope everything goes ok.

Jess…good luck on your exams…sounds like a lot of tough courses. I know you’ll be glad to be home.

Good luck with your Omnipod, as well…

Happy Holidays.

Let me give you the advice I was given during the bar, when I was, oh, about 3 weeks post-dx. If you think you’re low, just treat it and deal with testing later. Better to be a little high for a bit than to completely crump out on the floor in the middle of the exam!

Good luck!

Thanks guys for all the encouragement! I appreciate it.