Finding My Way

Restless about diabetes care for my patients,and overcome by this cannot control urge to write poetry,IDF letter to us mentioned this community. I joined. For me my life now is focusing on my patients and my writing after going through a difficult time in my life.I remember the depression,the agony,the wars,the killing,the fanatics who sent a maturing world to dark ages again.

I don’t know what it is like living in the Middle East, but my country has also been through many difficult times. All we can do is hope for the future.

Yes Megan we hope peace will visit our area and the whole world.The world has a lot to focus on.Let us pray for that.

As always since I joined, you are my soul mate, we speak the same language and have the same opinions. At my age I hoped to see the world live in peace, the collapse of soviet union left the soviet nations with freedom, politically and for people to practice their religions in the open.
President Clinton got the Palestinians & the Israeli together just to talk, to be friends. I felt happy; if I die I will leave behind a better mature world for my children to live in.
Then came the black day of September,11.I could not believe what I saw, I shivered, I cried and I remember that was when my depression started, when I saw the towers on fire… 2 months earlier my marriage collapsed……
Since then I have one wish; peace, peace and peace
I am a person of compromise to get peace of mind at any cost
Community like ours here gets us all together, freedom of expression and support
Yes we all believe in the same God, your words are so beautiful my friends, poems in their own right. God bless you and your son who served his country well, My best wishes for him, a great son to be proud of .

Restless these days,at last I figured out why.I have this urge that there is no time left !!! I want to do what I wanted lately to do.Joining this community made me wanting to accomplish my simple dreams.
Start education clinic for diabetes,leave work and publish the accumulated approved for publication books.My husband ( legally married,relegiously married,but he is my soul mate and best friend,we remarried after divorce,though he remarried and have a beautiful girl whom is my third beauty) keeps telling me that I can do all while keeping my job.
I have to figure out what to do…