Finding the right frame of mind

I have never blogged before so please bear with me.

I have had diabetes for 12 yrs now and I have gone through so many phases. But they have all ended in what I thought was success me losing some weight and being off all my medication. Ahhhh medication, why can I not accept that my disease may need medication for ever? My goal is always to be off meds, I feel like I am failing if I am on them!

So now I am on the search again. The search for the perfect medicine, why? Because I am ready to be off of this one! And why? Simply because it is working!! Therefore I must find something new so that I can loose weight no be off all meds!

Just need to change my way if thinking? Food for thought…

Food for thought indeed! My initial take is to only be on medications that are needed for as long as they are needed in the dosage required to have the desired effect.