Finding the Silver Linings of Diabetes with Mitch and Carly Lenett

What are your "silver linings of diabetes?" Mitch and Carly Lenett, a father-daughter team who live with type 1 diabetes, talk about living a positive life with diabetes, and their diabetes advocacy efforts in our latest Discuss Diabetes post.
Laura K.

absolutely none

I find no silver linings with D, none. I was a healthy person up until then and I always took good care of myself. I just want a cure and I hope it will come in my lifetime. And I pray my D will stay relatively manageable as it is now I won't have any more serious incidents and complications.

In addition, I really hope there is going to be some reform in healthcare and in diabetes care and that the cost of insulin, test strips and everything else we need is going to be lowered greatly so that people who have no choice but to stay on insulin in order to survive can all easily afford the care they need.