Finger lotion

I was just wondering if anyone had any special lotion for your fingers. My 3 year old’s finger tips are starting to look bruised and I want to find her something to help. Any suggestions??

Andrea, what type of lancet do you use? I love the Accu-chek Multiclix, and can hardly feel it. It also has the advantage of being in a drum, so there’s never a “sharp” to handle. I also use Neoteric Diabetic skin care cream, available at Wal-Mart and pharmacies.

You may think this strange, but I have had success with toe sticks; You may also use the fatty part of the upper arm. I am a frequent tester, as I have to calibrate my pump, and I want to keep my sight for as long as possible, and I undertand how our fingers get very abused; also, my meter is a BD and it takes the smallest portion of blood, that helps a great deal as well. My heart goes out to the little ones, their fingers so tender. Wish you luck, kwlawson