I have vertical lines/grooves on almost all of my fingernails on my right hand. They are there on my left hand but less prominent. I am left handed, so this may have something to do with that. I’ve had diabetes for 25 years and only noticed the grooves a short time ago. I’ve always wondered what they were caused by.

haha good one nat!

I’ve had them as long as I can remember & was diagnosed at 3 months old. That said, they seem to be getting much more pronounced in the last five years. Age lurgy or genetics? I’m not sure but will check with my diabolic brother…

Inwards or outwards? Mine groove outwards, one did groove inwards but that was after a finger operation

My mom told me that that showed who was in love with you. LOL! Old wives tell I guess! hahaha

I think everyone has them. I just checked my non-diabetic husband (with no history of diabetes in his family) and he has them too. Hmmm – do you think he “caught” them from me when we got married?

I have had vertical lines with interruptions like as if the vertical line was beads of glue (not white, just the shape of it). That was when my diabetes was uncontrolled. I don’t get them now. Due to a severe case of pneumonia, I had a horizontal white line running through all my nails, so I looked pretty freaky for a while. Another infection left Beau’s indentions on most of my nails.
I used to have moons on my nails but they disappeared some time ago before diabetes and so I don’t know if it has anything to do with current health status.

Straight vertical lines like in the photo are normal. Some people get more prominent ridged ones with an iron deficiency.

Ok. I’ve checked with various family members, most of whom are not diabolic & all of them have the vertical grooves, including both my daughters & their Mum. So it seems that there isn’t a correlation. At least in my tribe…

Oh ya Hun, I have them on all fingers, and they have been there and getting worse. I have had Diabetes for 39 yrs… wonder what the cause is, I mean the deep cause not just the Diabetes… Is it caused from Insulin or what???