Fingers Crossed .. We both need this

Eden honestly doesn't ask for much - she is extremely easy going and rarely complains.

There seems to be a pattern surfacing - if she says "It's fine" - it is NOT and it is something that she actually really cares about, just doesn't want to make a big deal and will sacrifice what she wants.

Today is a prime example of that..

The other day she came home and announced that hot lunches at her new school look AWESOME… Middle School has lots of options - they do Jamba Juice on Fridays and have a big menu of yummy stuff to choose from every day. In previous years Eden rarely got hot lunch - we would pack a lunch for school - full carb counts included - so she would be dosed the correct amount of insulin for her meal.

At our 504 meeting the other day I brought it up. I asked if the school had carb counts for the food that was being offered… short answer - no .. Not that they haven't been actively trying to get them, but it just isn't that easy. The food comes from multiple vendors - in large boxes that inside contents may not be labeled with the nutrition facts. It will happen - it just hasn't happened yet.

This morning - Eden asked me if she could have hot lunch…

My answer - I paused - I suggested contacting the school nurse and clearly had a disapproving look on my face.

She turned around said "It's FINE" and walked away…

Clearly it was NOT FINE - it was something that she really wanted.. She promptly got the $3 and Eden is having hot lunch today.

  • NO IDEA what Eden is going to choose to eat today
  • NO IDEA what the carb count is going to be
  • NO IDEA if she is going to accurately guess the carb count

Eden was quite confident that she could SWAG (see here) on her own after I suggested she take a picture and send it to me.

Lots could go wrong - Lots could go right

Image found on Pinterest

I am very happy that she has the confidence to do it on her own - but is also scares me. Especially after our Over Dose of last weekend...

Oh - and they have a school dance this afternoon too and I will be picking her up over an hour after I usually do…


I have to let her fly - I have to let her try.

especially when she wants to be responsible…

fingers crossed… we both need this

What a beautiful post. Best luck to Eden as she takes on this new responsibility.

Perhaps you can work out a system with her to be there virtually to assist if she needs it. maybe texting? also, I know mySugr has a junior app for kids and parents to keep track of their numbers

I use the mySugr companion and it's fun.

good job letting her fly mom, chances are there will be some fat in that school lunch that will keep her dancing till way after she gets home from school and probably will be high just from the excitement of the dance itself! But I soooo feel your pain in this, luckily Jacob has always chosen to eat a bag lunch but 'swags' with a good eye on most days when out with friends. she will need the carb counting skills and lets be honest I know I don't measure a thing and I and Jacob rate Jacob's plate with the best of the swaggers it is an art so to speak! She will grow in leaps and bounds when you very slowly release the strings, of course we hover and check all their numbers to see 'how they did'. but you are doing the right thing for eden she will let you know , you will see it in her smile and confident stance. but all the while you can cross you fingers and thank the diabetes gods or whoever you believe in for standing over her shoulder! blessings, amy