Fingersticks That Really Hurt

I hope this picture does not annoy anyone. I used urine testing for 40 years, before meters were available in the mid 1980s. Urine testing did not hurt, but it was totally unreliable. Using a meter and fingersticks to test my blood has greatly improved my diabetes health. I really appreciate fingersticks, even if they do hurt!!">

That's funny.I like it.

ROFLMAO! Thanks Richard. I am happy urine testing is no longer the gold standard too. Finger sticks really are so much better.


As a 50 yearer, I was also a Tes-Tape user until the 80s. Had my son in '77. Imagine that without meters?

Looooove the photo. Eight of my 10 digits are currently either black and blue or have pin prick scars. Sometimes,when I add pressure after a fingerstick, five or six sites on the same finger will exude blood. Too many tests and not enough fingers! Oh my....

Anyway, thanks for the guffaw!

LOL LOVE the picture. I was diagnosed in 1985 so I was the proud owner of one of the earlier meters lol.. The thing was HUGE and took forever for results and each strip had to be indivually calibrated and was HORRIBLY expensive and insurance did not cover it. LOL can we say that's what mastercard is for. The finger pricker was some torture looking device and it DID require a HUGE drop of blood, and blotting. LOL but I am so thankful for that and NOT having to reliy of Tes-Tape, its just amazes me all of you who used that as a means of controlling your diabetes and just how well you all have done.

I started home bg testing in 1982. I hated it. I thought it hurt. Of course today I wouldn't dream of not having a bg meter inches away from me. And I never ever flinch when I'm poking my own fingers. (If I'm getting my blood drawn at the docs office by a nurse or other medical practioner... I do flinch. I'm told this is typical for a "control freak".)

I had two "Autolets" that were the state of the art back then. (If you didn't have an autolet... there were these little disposable sterilized pieces of sharp sheet metal that came individually wrapped!).

LOL that one is a little different from the one I had, but yes almost as bad.


That is probably the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Simple but funny. Not that I am happy to have Diabetes but wow you guys that have come up with it through the years have sure been the guinea pigs. I guess if I have to have this thing I am glad to have it now and not 20 years ago.

Thanks for sharing that pic. made me laugh just when I needed it.

Actually, Tes-Tape was a big improvement over using Benedict's solution with several drops of urine in a test tube, and then placing the tube in water on a stove and boiling for a few minutes. The resulting color of the liquid would indicate the amount of urine sugar. Blue indicates no urine sugar, and the further to the right in the pic, the higher the urine sugar. I used this method of testing for many years before Tes-Tape was available.

LOL Richard! If I were you I would alter my method of doing fingersticks!!!!

I am reminded of those who begin MDI, and how they say that the shots will hurt so much. I guess even the new Delicas, and similar, hurt too. I really hever have become accustomed to the finger stick and yes, I do remember Tes-Tape and how much it actually lied to its user.

Great post, Richard; it made me smile! :)

Oh that is so funny Richard. May I share it on another diabetes forum I also post on?

oh no it's a finger puppet. I loved it Richard. That's how I feel sometimes too. (if only they made one that worked that is non invasive.)

Please do, Kathy! All TuD members are welcome to share this.

I have had type 1 for nearly 30 years, and can honestly say I can't use the auto prick device, as too scared to press the button lol! so bounce the lancet on my thumb, hoping that it can prick my finger accidently on purpose. :)

I had to laugh out loud when I opened the picture. My wife, an RN was walking by and asked what was so funny so I read her the title of the thread "Fingersticks that hurt" . . . she then said, try changing the lancet once in a while. I showed her the pic and she chuckled.

I'm not old enough to have used Benedict's solution but I do remember Testape. Like others, I'm grateful for meters even with the fingersticks and sometimes I dread the process but we are so much better off today for it. Now . . . where the heck is that non-invasive testing I keep hearing about.