Finished my bike ride

It was a hot morning in New Canaan, CT as I headed out with about 40 others on the 20-mile bike ride.

The ride itself was pretty challenging, especially a hill that was about 3/4-mile long at about mile 7 in the ride. But the roads were lovely and there was plenty of shade.

Overall there was a great turnout. After I was all done I spoke with someone from the research lab at Mass. General. It sounds like good progress is being made, though we didn’t discuss much details.

I’m way too tired to blog much about the ride itself. I drove down to Connecticut yesterday (170 miles) and back this afternoon. So now I’m off to bed. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

And you can, of course, still donate to support my ride and the important research into a possible cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Congrats on another successful ride Bernard! Way to go!

Great job Bernard. You’ve done exactly what I wanted to do (raise money) when I first read of Dr. Faustman’s promising work. Thanks for being a motivational example.

Great Job Bernard!

Hats off to you Bernard. Great job. Looking forward to the pics.

Congrats!! I, like Chris, can’t wait to see the pics.