Firefighting and diabetes

I do occasional wildland firefighting with my job, as a biologist, and wondering if any other diabetics were involved in the firefighting community. I have problems with blood sugar swings when working, I am thinking due to stress/ adrenaline. I also have a huge phobia of passing out, so I have noticed I tend to keep my blood sugar a little higher when I am doing high physical activity, which I would ultimately prefer not to do. Any suggestions?

Well…Im not a firefighter LOL(I wanted to when I was young). Im also type 2 and I dont take insulin shots.So your situation may be different from mine. Controlling my blood sugar level relies much on medication, diet and exercise. Its a fact that stress and anxiety makes blood sugar level unpredictable sometimes. I have had so much problem before when I was new to diabetes. What my doctor advised me was to keep a log of actvities and test every after. Yeah, seems an impossible task! But I managed. So I often anticipate my blood sugar level when Im about to perform tasks that require heavier efforts (heavier house works, exercise workouts, more job leg work and strain, etc). I simply take in a little bit more food or snack (carbs and protein)prior. I also have a handy glucose tabs, skittles, small candy available in my pocket everywhere I go.

I am a firefighter and when im on shift and the tone goes off for a emergency i simply suppend my pump and the workout i get from the call keeps my bg down till i get back on the pump.

How long can you go? Usually I am out for the whole day or more, so I know I couldn’t turn my pump off. Generally I find that the longer I am out on a fire the greater the chances of my blood sugars going up are. Do you have any problems with highs if you are out for too long?