First 1.5 months

I’ve been rather busy with work and all those pump trainer appointments, so I’ve been neglecting the blog.
Six weeks in and I’m very happy w/ Petey. Of course, I’ve had a few frustrating days. Skipping those meals to work on the basals is tough, especially my morning coffee! I’ve still not 100% completed that- I’m working on the morning right now, but I’ve been “upgraded” to emailing my pump trainer, instead of going to the office. Yay! No copays! No using sick time! No waiting for 35 mins for a mid day subway train, making me super late for my appointment!
I’ve noticed that I have less hypo fears that before, I’m not sure if it is conscious or subconscious. Last night, I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t nervous about meeting at 8pm for dinner, when I would have been nervous when on MDI. It was a nice feeling.
I’ve switched to always using my thighs for infusion sets. I seem to notice less than when I used my abdomen. I have tugged them a few times when changing clothes, but I just use some transpore tape and they stay on for the remaining time.
I love that I can reduce my basal for exercise. According to the “rules”, I shouldn’t need to reduce my basal for a 45 min workout, but because I’m so sensitive, I’ve found that it helps a lot. I can usually keep my self at 130 during the work out and 100 at teh end.
So far, so good w/ Petey!