First A1c 5.6% =)

Just went to my endo today and my A1c is 5.6% YAY! Way better then the 11.6 four months ago in the hospital…must of been all those sugar free reese’s. lol

Congrats man. Mine was 11.0 at dx 10 days ago, hopefully I’ll get similar results 4 months from now. But sugar free reeses? Such a thing exists!?

Fabulous! Know that took a lot of hard work–congrats.

Congratulations! Well done! Sugar free Reeses? Really?

Mine is 9.01 right now… 5.6 is amazing! what have you been doing ???

Awesome. Mine was 14 in September. Hope I get close to yours next time!

…oh yeah! such things exist like sugar free reese’s=) If you go to any food or drug store in the candy isle there is a whole section of sugar free candy and chocolate:) My gf came home one day from the store with a small bag…I was stoked and downed the whole thing. lol And she hesitates to buy me more but there really good and dont think they do a lot to your bs.

How are they though? The sugar-free reeses? Do they have that soul-deadening after taste like anything else sugar-free?

Personally sugar free reeses sound amazing enough to warrant their own discussion thread but thats just me

Way to go Adam!

I make my own sugar free " Reese’s" by mixing peanut butter, (pure) cocoa, and splenda in a bowl. Mmmmm…

Hmmm…I have to try that!