First A1c on my pump!

Hi Christie, I have decided to go on a pump after years of shots. Any suggestions? Is a wireless pump better than one you wear? I just want good results easy. Thanks. Barb

First, Great job Christie! That’s awesome :slight_smile: I’m sure that better overall feeling will only continue as you have continued success with controlling your BGs!

To Barb: I think a pump is hands down the way to go. I did shots for about 8 1/2 years before I was able to get a pump (no insurance growing up, so the initial out of pocket expense was too much for us). I use the omnipod now (tubeless pump) but had used minimed pumps for about 4 1/2 or 5 years before switching over. I think that a pump in general would be a step in the right direction, regardless of what type. For my lifestyle, the tubeless pump works better…that’s not to say that other pumps are not just as great though. Every pump has pros and cons to it, so you have to see which one fits you best. So I’d do some research into the major pump companies and even talk to your endo about trying a demo (some have access to them, some don’t). Good luck!

Hi Bradford, Have you experienced insulin leakage. I’ve heard some people say the pod is heavy and sometimes leaks or falls off. Do you find the Omnipod easy to use. I had a kidney transplant 3 yrs ago and was on dialysis for 11/2 yrs. I 'm having trouble with the thought of wearing a pump on my belt. I was already hooked up to a machine. Not a good place in my life. Thanks for your help. Barb


Insulin leakage? Negatory. At least not that I know of (no wetness at the site and no unexplained hyperglycemia).
On maximum filling (which many people, including myself, do not have to do b/c our insulin usage is not 200+ units during the 3 day period), the pod can be a bit “heavy”. However, part of feeling it “move around” or wriggle might be the position at which they’re wearing it (horizontal, as opposed to any other angle where there is less free play between the pod and the adhesive backing).
I think the Omnipod is extremely easy to use. It’s got a pretty easy user interface for the actual PDM, the tubelessness helps prevent snags on stuff, and the auto-insertion feature is an easy-to-use, nearly foolproof function. I really like mine a LOT.
I’m sorry to hear about your transplant and dialysis endeavors. I think that a tool like the omnipod might be a great asset for you in your diabetes management. You can order a sample pod at, and/or you may be able to find more information about a local rep with whom you could speak about trying it out. I believe that omnipod still offers a 45 day, money-back guarantee as well (but don’t quote me on that :-).

Bradford, Thank you so much for your expertise and support. I have an appt.with an educator for the omnipod so I’ll let you know. Thanks again. Barb

Hey Barb! I am not sure about the wireless pump. But I do love my Medtronic Minimed Pump. I thought that it would take a while to get used to wearing it 24/7 but it only took like a week. Now I have to check to make sure that I put it back on when getting ready for work. Pumping is the way to go. Better control and feeling good instead of sick all the time.