First Blog Post-My day thus far

Today has been kind of a lonely day thus far, had a dream about someone that i’ll call “him” that didn’t start my day off the best as this person deserted me. I’m going to find ways to move on from the problem of relying on another person for my happiness. God should be the only one that I am completely reliant on because the life of another person is never promised. I should also work on my attitude toward other people so that others won’t always mistake my reserved, quiet nature and indifferent facial expression for anger or arrogance.

I feel like listening to more gospel music and not love music will definitely help me. I’m going to create a gospel playlist and focus my life more so on God than finding someone else to love…although I feel old enough to where I should have had a serious relationship by now (lol) But I have to admit that I get really sad when I see other couples…

To deal with the weight issue, I am going to walk to class when blood sugars are a little high instead of using insulin whenever I can. I am also going to try and not eat during the day as I have to use insulin and this causes me lows as I’m very busy! The little things can make a difference.

Life will get better, I have to try harder to be happy, I do not want to feel this way and will make it out of this dark hole in my life.

Turn the music up, Brea, sitting in a quiet lonely room is not good! Maureen