First Clues You're Going High?

For me, it’s sweating. My body is so tuned to a certain “normal” that even if I start rising 10 pts over that, I’ll start getting warm. If it’s rising fast, I will actually have a “hot flash.”

My second clue is that I will start yawning as it immediately makes me tired.

upto 250 ,I feel no clue…i feel very sad for not noticing sympotms

I know my sugar is high initially when I feel extremely tired, fatigued, and sleepy. Then my mouth and lips gets dry prompting me to drink more and more.

I get a little thirsty over about 200… otherwise I wouldn’t really know.

I get sick at my stomach, get a heavy feeling all over almost like I am getting a cold/ flu
and feel very lethargic. I also get moody. I almost always know when my blood sugar is starting to get over 180 or so. The higher it goes the more extreme the symptoms get.

I get a weird feeling in my mouth and when my blood sugars are under good control I can feel it (the only way I can describe it) in my bones. Haha I just feel ‘different’ really deep in my joints and limbs? Not sure how to describe it. Recently, under normal control, I feel it at about 200-250, but over the summer my sugars were better and I felt it around 160-180.

When my BG starts a climb (usually around 150 or so) that ends up going to 250-300, I also yawn. It’s not a distinct indicator since sometimes I yawn just when I’m tired and BG is normal.

When I rise to over 200 and I’m there for more than an hour or so, my skin starts to feel greasy, like I need a shower.

I get what I only can describe as “foggy headded” I can’t think right, like I’m struggling in a really dense fog. I get lathargic and sometimes queasy. My eyes will feel droopy and tired. I get this way around 200-250. Occasionally I will have no symptoms though.

Thirst & irritability are my prompts.

Wow reading all these I have been subjected to all of them but never contributed it to being hyperglycemic I will have to check my BS next time I feel any of them.

I get tired and headache and very ageeable to anything asked, I think because then it means the sooner I get something done the sooner I can go to bed. I also get tingly numbing lips.feels wierd.If I wait to long to go to bed I get nausous(?).

Some of these symptoms I get when I am low. Tingly mouth, like novocaine wearing off and sweating on my stomach if I am low. My skin gets very dry and itchy when I am high. I used to be high all the time before BG testing was available. We used to have to test our urine for sugar and that was silly, because thinking about it - the sugar is leaving your body by that time. I get nauseous too. Just “stodgy” tired and couldn’t be bothered when I am high. You should really try and exercise when you are high - ha, that’s a joke…all I want to do is sleep !!
Type 1 - 55 years

Cotton mouth followed by grumpiness!

I get extremely thirsty, dry mouth, and very irritable. I only get irritable when they go way high.

Extreme fatigue and very whiney

Ahhhh…I forgot about the moodiness…sometimes that happens to me, too. It’s so unlike me that if I get just a little bitchy, I now go check my BG right away.

I definitely experience the irritability, but not usually the thirst. I have to really force myself to drink water - don’t really know why. Now, coffee, I could drink that all the time!

Interesting. I can’t go to bed if I’m high, no matter how tired I am. I have to first get my BG in control.

When I hit a cruising altitude of about 180 my eyes feel dry. Above that and I get things done but just don’t have much zip in the energy. And then there are the times that I get the surprise zinger on the meter and didn’t have a clue.

The surprise zingers also unmask Tourette Syndrome because I usually look at the high number on the meter and blurt out some cuss word. (I’m being sarcastic and my apology to those who actually have Tourette Syndrome.)

I have noticed changes on manuel, on his mood and even the skin on his face looks dry, his lips too. But I only notice those things if he is really high, like above 200.