First day on Dexcom g4 ,surprised by numbers?!

Receiver started vibrating for low , blood sugar reading was 64 on it but when i check with test strips it was actually 100! is it normal with receiver initially or there is some technical issue , please help me understand?!

That’s a pretty big variance but not necessarily an indication of a technical problem. The first day with a new sensor is expected to be somewhat inaccurate as it gets acclimated.

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Can happen, especially on day one or when it is near the end of its life.

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thanks DrBB & Dave

A 64 for a 100 is bad. You should expect a 20/20. I just had it explained to me on the phone with a CDE working for Dexcom. It was said if your meter is 100 the actual could be from 80 to 120. So your meter is off. You should call and discuss it in detail. They’ll send you a replacement of a meter that fails to meet their expectations. And you might learn better insertion and calibrating technique.