First Descents

I am raising money to support one of my favorite non profits First Descents. First Descents is amazing organization that provides free outdoor adventure programs for young adults dealing with cancer. For many people it’s the first step in getting back to life after cancer. I participated in an FD kayaking camp shortly after finishing chemotherapy and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Now I’m hoping to give back to them to show my appreciation for the support they gave me during my recovery. Donations will help to provide FD experiences for other cancer survivors. Two of my friends, a husband and wife in their 30’s were just diagnosed with colon and breast cancer within one week of each other. I’m hoping to raise enough to send them both to an FD program. Please donate $5, 10, $50 $100 or whatever you can to Team Semi Colon.

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Thank you!

Reed I appreciate your offer to donate to this worth cause. Please click this link to make your donation. Thank you!

Reed thank you for your generous donation to First Descents!