First experience with Sure T's

I got my sample package of Sure T’s and Polyfins yesterday. I was due a site change so I decided to try a Sure T in my thigh. I have had no luck with infusion sets in the thighs, they all bruise my thighs including the Sils. So I put it in, no pain, felt great unlike any other set. Normally I have pain immediately on insertion so I am thinking to myself ok I can handle this. Few hours later I go to give myself a bolus for my dinner, burns like hell. As soon as the bolus is over the pain is gone. Ok I am thinking I can handle this. Then the throb starts in on the thigh. Every time I tough my thigh I can feel the bruise. I decide I am going to tough it out. Get up this morning, bolus for breakfast, again it burns like hell. Burn quits after the bolus is in. Blood sugar before breakfast is 94, before I eat lunch blood sugar is 104. So I am thinking even though it hurts I am getting good infusion. Blood sugar is sitting good even with the burn of the bolus. Finally this afternoon I can’t take the burn of the insulin anymore so I take the set out. My thigh starts bleeding everywhere, and the spot swells immediately just like it does with the Quick-Sets and the Sils. So now I have a polyfin in. I haven’t taken a bolus so I don’t know if it is going to burn. I have no pain with the insertion and no pain right now. I have to try to avoid my stomach as I use the CGMS and there is no way I can handle a CGMS in my thighs or arms as I don’t have a lot of fat there and there is a lot of scar tissue already on my stomach so my CDE wants me to use my thighs for infusion sets and stomach for CGMS. Guess if I can’t get any sets to work in my thighs I will have to use my stomach for both.

Sure T’ work great in my lower back have you tired that?

Be loved

Not yet. Right now I have a Polyfin in and it seems to be working. When I try the Sure T again I will try my back.