First HbA1c since starting on the pump

Just got my first result after starting on the pump back in July. It was 6.1! According to my CGM my average BG was 122 w/ SD of 28; my meter says 133 w/ SD of 32!

That is simply amazing! I cannot recall it ever being below 8.0 despite many, many changes in my treatment.

Back in December/January, I was hospitalized five or six times due to Atrial Fibrillation plus other severe cardiac issues and an unrelated orthopedic issue.

Well, with all of the new medications plus several steroid injections and oral medications, my blood sugars were wildly out of control for a month or so after the last discharge. Since I had nothing else to do except sit around the house feeling sorry for myself (inoperable cardiac issues) I decided to focus my attention on my diabetes, as it seemed to be the only thing I had any control over.

I did nothing for three months except focus on my diabetes. I was on MDI and it just was not working out. I think I counted the number of hypos in the 4 weeks prior to starting on the pump and had something like 45 or so moderate-severe lows (a couple in the 30s). My A1c at the end of May was 6.0, but I was effectively killing myself to maintain that.

Since going on the pump, I've had a grand total of three Hypoglycemic excursions!

Going on the pump (Medtronic 530G) has literally saved my life while allowing me to actually live it.