First High Reading

Well I guess this is real after all. Today I decided to give myself a “test” at lunch time. I had Chinese food – orange chicken, fried rice, and an egg roll, and hot&sour soup. It was a lot of food and I probably should have eaten less. But it was kind of a test to see if it would REALLY cause a problem.

Verdict? 2-hour post-prandial BG was 167. Eep. And I can feel it too. This is what the afternoon blahs are caused by, I think! I’ve been feeling this way in the afternoon after big meals, for a long time.

Lesson learned. I guess I really am diabetic.

Wow, sorry you feel so blah! I guess you won’t be eating that meal again any time soon. I just had a nice fruit salad, and I took a bolus of insulin, and I thought I’d covered it, but I’m over 200!! I think I’m going for a walk to lower it…

Thanks for the empathy. I hope you feel better soon. I don’t really have the opportunity to go for a walk right now but my stuff is packed for the gym after work. I’m ignoring the urge to eat something else to “soak up” the glucose. I think that’s how I’ve gained so much weight, by feeding that cycle.

Ya, feeling high isn’t fun. Not to make light of your predicament because I hate feeling like that too, but I would be delighted to be 167 after that meal! It always strikes me how having type 1 or type 2 or our respective duration of 'betes affects our standards and expectations of BG variation. I hope your BG comes down soon :slight_smile:

Hi Misty… I’m sorry that you are feeling lousy (we all know that feeling…) and that it is real. Accepting diabetes can be really hard. The good news is that yours was detected early and now you can take action to feel better. Also, it sounds like you live a very healthy and active lifestyle-- so I think that you will find your healthy diabetic routine soon!

When I got my blood sugar under control, I felt like I was a new person with lots more energy! I didn’t realize that it had been wearing me out to always have high blood sugar.

Keep us posted on how you are doing!!!

Thanks! It came back down to 99 when I did a reading an hour later. Still feeling lousy but “this too shall pass.” I’m just amazed to connect the feeling with the condition!

Oh wow! Good to hear you came back down to normal levels so fast! I had a reading of 167 two hours after having 2 regular potatoes and some chicken the other week, and I’m still undiagnosed. It sure doesn’t feel good to be up at those levels :frowning:

Wow, Misty…This is all SO new to you…and quite the challenge to get a handle on things! I must say though that your numbers are very “nice” and come back down quickly!..I can hit a 167 after eating 1/2 an English muffin with a scraping of butter! What was your BS when you were diagnosed? the way; so very nice to have you in the fold :slight_smile: stay connected…linda in canada.

Hi Linda, I was diagnosed by a GTT and A1C numbers. I’d have to look up the GTT, but insulin was off the charts. The A1C was 6.1. I am noticing more trouble I’m having, with testing though. I’m glad we have caught it so early!

You’re so right…you have a good caring Doctor there…hang on to that one!..Doctors are scarce for the population of our city…many simply don’t have a family physician…so you’d have to be stuck with a pretty bad apple to make you want to look elsewhere. When I was diagnosed, my A1c was normal, but my fasting BS were elevated on 2 or 3 occasions…I also am prone to lows.