First in a while

so my blood sugar this morning was 552. definitely notgood. but it's a start. hopefully my 34 units of Lantus & 15 units of Novolog will help calm that down. haha. no food yet, but i'm going back to bed.

i just tested again & it’s 202!
that’s not the greatest but it’s better than 552! :smiley:
& no ketones! woot
it’s foodage time

yummy bagels!

ps. has anyone else found that pricking their ring finger (on either hand) provide much more of a mess than any other finger?
cuz when i use one of my ring fingers, i bleed like there is no tomorrow. and keep bleeding. at some points, i’ve used bandaids! ugh.

have you tried adjusting the depth of the lancet? I use the Accu-chek multiclix, the best pricker I’ve ever had.

love the picture.