First low at 46 with the 670g

So keep in mind I haven’t started auto mode yet, I’m still running suspend before low and as tempting as it is turn that ***** on I’ve refrained. Has anyone experienced a severe 46 during the let’s get to know each other phase? Also, do you have to hit the down arrow in this session for it to automatically suspend and turn back on? I think I scared my rep because I really wanted to learn so much so quickly that she left out these very important details.

I’m not a 670G user but I can offer a general comment. No system is perfect and the sooner you get to know the 670G well, the more comfortable you’ll be overall. Your appetite for learning is a great asset. Don’t let the trainer’s worry about presenting too much, too soon let that stop your 670 education. By the way, did you verify that 46 (2.6) low with a fingerstick?

I did do a finger stick but I forgot to mention that was from a shot correction out of frustration. I think the issue here is the newness just as you stated and working through the difficulties will just take some time. I’m honestly impressed with how well I’ve done thus far.

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