First low blood sugar in months

I am fighting sinus infection so of course I am fighting higher than usual blood sugars. Last night I ate taco salad for dinner, blood sugar was in a good range, was 113, i figured up about 20 grams of carbs because of the chips. 10 minutes after I eat, I start feeling shakey, sick to my stomach, sweating, then I threw up my dinner, with about 6 active units of insulin in me. Something I hadn’t felt in months. I checked my CGMS it said 84, but since I was feeling like I was I double checked with my meter. I was at 48. I managed to get to my glucagon shot and I used it, grabbed a juice box slowly sipped it because I knew I need to get it in me and keep it down to get my sugar stable. I also did a temporary basal rate on my pump down to 5% insulin for an hour. I finally settled out at a nice 115 after the whole mess. I am glad I didn’t overtreat the low and end up high.
Diabetes is a pain in the ■■■ sometimes.

Hi Cody,

My Name is Angie, and I was diagoinsed with Type 2 diabetes in July of this year. My Old doctor that started me on 2 oral pills last year in May never came right out and told me I was a diabetic. He never checked my blood sugars with lab work or nothing, so I went a whole year with nit watching what I was eating and not really exercising, like I should have been, and this past May my ankles were really swelled, and I went in and he told me that was how they were suppose to be, and I could feel the water in them… So I thought ■■■■ on you and my mom told me I need to go somewhere else, and I did. This new doctor ran all labs, and he is the one who told me the news, that I have diabetes, and that really scared me, because I have an aunt that is blind from it, and my dads cousin died at the age of 45 with the problem too. My problem is now my doctor has me on 1 pill, and my blood sugar ranges from 165-170 in the morning, and 2 hours later it drops to 35-45. I am suppose to walk but every time I do, it drops and then I am sick and about ready to pass out. My fingers go numb and I get a headache. This morning it was 196, and now 8 hours later it is 70. I dont know, and I am suppose to go see the doctor in 2 months, hopefully not sooner. It is really disgusting. I am tired of eating all the little snacks. Any ideas for me?

I would call and get in to the doctor sooner. Explain to the nurse what is going on and if you are not seeing endo, I would call and find a good one. You need to be very proactive in your care. When you eat carbs, balance it out with protein and the protein should help the carbs digest slower so that you aren’t dropping as low.

Being able to dial down the basal sure make things easier. I was sick in Mexico this past spring, and was on MDI, because I didn’t want to use a pump when I’d planned to be beaching it or in the pool most of the time. Argh. You can’t dial back a long acting shot taken the night before! And trying to keep anything down to keep my sugars at a safe level was really difficult!