First Low While On Insulin

Wednesday night after arriving home from work I experienced my first extreme low since starting on insulin back in April. I was stumbling around and talking crazy according to my wife. She got me to drink some coke, after 30 mins. she checked my sugar, it was 99. She was afraid to check earlier since I was shaking very bad. My doctor told me if I had a bad low, for me to go to the emergency room. Wife took me in, ER did some blood work, BG level rose to 106. Also my blood work showed that I was severely dehydrated. I was a bit surprised by that since I do work outdoors, and throughout that day I know I downed a ton of water and a bottle of G2 Gatorade. Come to find out we diabetics are much more acceptable to dehydration. ER doctor admitted into the hospital to get me stabilized. For the last 2 days I felted like a puppet on a string with a IV line stuck in on the right arm, oxygen sensor attached to a finger on the left hand, and EKG sensors all over my chest. After enduring all the poking and prodding, I did have some good news after all. My Ac-1 was a 6.5! Last AC test back in April was 7.4. Now, I am having to reduce my insulin intake by half from 30 units to 15 units a day.

Wow, glad you made it through that low and the dehydration. Sorry you had to be in the hospital but at least now you can adjust your insulin dose so hopefully you will have no more bad hypos and a continued great a1c too!

WOW, so sorry you had to experience your first insulin induced low. I guess I get them so often that I forgot how scary they can be the first time. I'm glad your wife was present and had a coke handy. My first low I was driving to a clients house and had no idea how to treat it, I remember stopping my car and getting out to ask for help. Then I called my doctor and they told me to eat some sugar and retest. It seems like ages ago by now but I recall it like yesterday. Praying for the rest of your diabetic journey.

I have glucose tabs in my pocket at all times. They are the quickest and you will not overeat them. With experience you will know how many tabs you will need to come back to normal levels. Some here prefer skittles - if I recall that correctly - because of the better taste. But I think pure glucose is even quicker.

Thanks all for the reply s. I do carry glucose tablets in my pocket at all times. More so while on the job. That hypo came on me very quick without a warning. I've had a few in past while on medications, but they did come about with a warning sign. Come to find out yesterday that I am also having other medical issues that the doctor is trying to get to the bottom of. Looking forward in getting my life back to normal!

Sorry to hear that the low was quicker than it took for your mind to conclude that you are actually low. In a way it might be comforting that there is something that can be done about it. Finding a cause and something that can be changed and improved is giving you power about it. I hope you will get well soon.

That's why the old saying "When in doubt, test!" is so true. Hopefully, you don't have hypoglycemia unawareness. By the way, it doesn't hurt to test before driving and don't drive if your number is below 100 mg/dl. I'm still learning new things after several years on insulin.

Glad you made it through that harrowing experience okay, Tim! And I hope your doc is able to figure out what else is going on quickly and painlessly :)

the first that brings back memories. I have so many crazy stories from when I had really bad lows. Luckily, I am still intact and somewhat sane. Anyone on a pump will deal will severe lows from time to time. The thing is to have a plan in place (either at home, work, or in the car) to deal with it. I use the small juice boxes at home and work and I keep glucose tablets in the car. I am also fortunate enough to have a wife that can recognize when I am getting low before I do. Glad you made it through Tim and welcome to the club.

Some of mine come on quickly too Tim. You might want to consider a cgm if possible to help warn you for those ones. I hope all your other issues get figured out and worked out soon!