First Omnipod change

Hi everyone! I am brand new to the Omnipod and had my first pod change today without my doctor. I placed it under my arm and it was perfect. Then, I had my husband check on the cannula for me and we noticed that the window had some very light coloured blood in it. I have been checking my blood sugars and they are absolutely fine… As a new user I’m panicking a little bit. Should I just leave it or change it? It doesn’t hurt at all and again, my blood sugars are perfect…
Any advice would be great!

A brand-new pump user :slightly_smiling:

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


You will be fine. A little blood is ok. If it starts to get sore and continues to get progressively worse then you should change your site, otherwise Pod on!!!

Still checking my blood sugars and everything is going alright. Thanks for the advice!

I wish you continuing in-range BGs with your OmniPod! My daughter loves her OmniPod.

this will help me i just got my today.

Good luck with it, @erice!

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It’s been amazing! I went to see my doctor today and she said it was fine.

Thanks for the help! This has been the craziest and most surreal experience of my life not having to do injections after 23 years.

@erice good luck! It’s worth it :smiley:


I’m trying the pod on my calf today and its working out well! Better than the arm - less bumping. I would have not even tried this w/o the idea from @mikep. Thanks Mike!!!

No problem Anthony!!! Glad it’s working out for you.

Ok, I’ll bite…

I’m not currently using the 'Pod but the short time I did use it gave me “courage” to try different sites (have an infusion set on my arm at the moment, for example…) When I was using Novolog, I liked taking shots in the calf; however, I had some soreness/discomfort when I tried shots of Apidra there, so haven’t pursued the idea. I dunno @Anthony or @mikep, if you’ve tried Apidra on a calf (and of course YDMV), but thinking of giving it a try… Thoughts?

Hi Thas. Hmmm not sure on that one. I’ve only put pump and CGM sensor on calf. Never did a shot.

I know - I’m thinking of trying an infusion set on a calf, but hesitate, since my experience with shots of Apidra were less than pleasant.

oh ok . . . I would give it a try, but understand your hesitation. I always had pretty good luck on my calf.

Ok, @mikep, this morning, I needed to do a set change and tried the back of my calf… So far, it’s been so-so…

First, it feels a bit more sore than it should, so I’ll have to watch it to see if that gets worse.

Had several occlusion warnings when I tried to take a bolus – not promising.

Had to give up and change it out - cannula was bent. Guess my large calves really are mostly muscle!
… bike riding…