First pod knocked off

Well that didn’t take long…My son knocked his first pod off today while snowboarding, of course we had just done a pod change this morning. Luckily I sent a back up pen and needles with him, he is with a friend and called to tell me. I told him he now needed to test and do shots(if needed) every 3 hrs. Would anyone mind confirming that yes, that is what he needs to be doing until he gets home tonight and we can put a new pod on. He was wearing it on his lower back below the belt, has compression shorts on to help hold it in place but he said he took a hard fall and landed on it and it ripped it right out. I’m thinking we are going to have to find another site besides the lower back for snowboarding. Anyone else snowboard, and if so what site works best for you? Thanks.

I snowboard but I was on a tubed pump the last time I went boarding.
I’d say the back of the arm or the stomach are better options (or his flank area above the waste on his back, assuming he’s just falling/sitting when he lands and not falling flat and sliding a long ways when he hits).

As far as the pen shots, I’d say to mimic his basals I’d probably take a shot once an hour or once every two hours (depending on his basal rates). For example my basal rate in the afternoons is .5 u/h so I’d probably take 1 unit every 2 hours and make adjustments as necessary w/ some mild correction boluses (wouldn’t want to get too crazy w/ it if he’s being active. I know I cut my basal rates WAY back when I board or ski b/c it takes so much out of me). You could do every 3 hours but depending on how you base your duration of insulin, you could leave some “pockets” where you dose up well at shot time but then it’s out of his system before you go to dose again so his numbers will be climbing.

Hope that helps a little! And I hope he continues to have a good time boarding (despite the hick-ups every now and again w/ the pods!)!!

Lisa, I agree with Bradford. I snowboard about two weekends out of the month, use the back of my arms for placement, and haven’t knocked one out while boarding yet…

Lisa, I’d also agree with Bradford and Michael and say back of the arm for sports, simply because you’re better able to move it out of the way when you screw up and wrap it for protection.

My first ‘pod loss’ was immediately after a change too, on day two of my Pod career in fact. My first pod alarmed while I was out grocery shopping; I hustled home to change it but then leant over to put my kit away and ripped the fresh pod straight off on the arm of the sofa. Candidate for the Darwin Awards I think!

I’m a kitesurfer and paddle boarder though, so reckon I’ll have a few incidents similar to your son’s in the coming years.