First Post-CGM HbA1c

I just got the results of my first A1C test since I got my MM CGMS. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but it’s encouraging and I know I can do better. Prior to my pump, my A1C hovered around 7.0 - 7.2. My first pump A1C dropped to 6.2. My first CGM A1C dropped to 6.1. That equates to an average BG of about 117.

Two things make this “improvement” good news. First, I almost eliminated hypos since getting the CGM, so the would tend to push the average higher (meaning I must be spending a lot less time in the hyperglycemic state). Second, I’ve long suspected my glucose meter reads a little high and my target level was set to 100. So given the 20% accuracy of meters, my average falls right within the error bar of my target.

On MDI, my target was usually 80 - 90. But when I went on the pump my CDE set it to 100 (probably as a caution) and I never adjusted it. Today I lowered my pump target BG to 90. If that works, my next A1C should drop about 0.3

What kind of improvements or changes have others on CGM seen?

Westin only on CGMS for about 1 month prior to our last A1C. He dropped from 7.9 to 7.2. I was thrilled! This is his lowest ever. To know that he didn’t have any REAL lows in that time makes me think he must have really tightened his control! Or should I say, I really tightened his control! :slight_smile: Now we are trying hard to pre bolus before meals and that should help a lot. We love this thing!