First post

well i was just dianosed on Wednesday june 1st 2011.
it was quite a shock to say the least.I had thought i had fibromyelgia. That is what a dr had told me, anyway. I thought i was going into a future of hardlty being able to walk on my left foot. a bad nerve on my right one. High blood pressure(never had it before), blurry vision, bladder trouble, thurst, bladder and vaginal infections, weekness, and tired all the time.
We had been to the dr(my husband and i) and were told that he had diabetes and i fibro. We were looking after my husband.
You see for years i had been the tough mom with four boys, a step daughter and son, was on husband 4. Had worked full time, often at more than one job at support from my family. certainly no support for my husbands family…as i was a woman with 4 kids taking advantage of a man who had other obligations. We delt with his ex and one of mine all the time. in and out of court. were so broke all the time couldnt afford to pay attention let alone anything else.
I was the mom of a boy who had open heart surgery at 15mths. he is 30 this year and living two proviences second son is adhd. Third was run over at 10 years of age. we almost lost him many times. still has a brain injury, liver damage, and has had several trachs. The 4th is in good health…luckly. 4 very active boys lol
I was always the caretaker…then about 5 years ago i got very sick. Hemoraging, gallbladder trouble, and bladder trouble.Took over 2 years to get in for surgery, so thier was a lot of sitting. This spring i finally got the surgery and started feeling better.
By the time i got the surgery my dr had moved. i had to find another. have to have asthma meds after all.
So my husband, grant and i started to look for a dr. We got new drs in the area and desided to see them and see what grants trouble was.
I had been having trouble with my left hip and left foot. i could barely walk some days. after a bunch of testing the dr desided dh had diabetes and i fibromyelgia.We started to treat him. He was so mad when the dr desided she had his dianoses wrong and he had given his beer away lmbo! i still was in pain and my nerve on my right foot was acting up. told the dr about it. she said she could give me nothing for the pain it was part of fibro. then i told her i couldnt sleep. I told her i was weeding my flower bed at 2am …she told me where she was from they would call me a witch. that was the last time i saw her.
We went to the new dr and was fully tested again. this time they told that grant was not diabetic.|I was the diabetic! This new dr thought that the old dr must have got our test results mixed up. grant was well…i wasnt.
So now i start this new part of my life, trying to get well again.My first blood sugar test was 26.6…i have been down to 12 but and still working at it. getting my blood sugar lower.So confiusing! So this is my life.

Welcome to our community! You will find lots of support and information here as I did. I dont know what I would have done if it werent for this site! Good luck and stay tuned in here!

You poor thing! I have a similar story - I was presenting with all the symptoms of diabetes - the tiredness, the thirst, the frequent urination, the blurred vision … and the doctors never once thought to test for diabetes, presuming that I had a drink problem. For 10 whole years! How I am still alive is beyond me! Thinking back, I must have had DKA quite a few times!

I was in hospital for 6 weeks (accused of going off for a drink at 3 am - where I got it from or why following stomach surgery is beyond me!) and they decided to test as a last minute thing before I was dismissed. The diagnosis came back as diabetes Type 2 and I had to stay in another two weeks due to a shortage of a Diabetes Nurse! I was soooo relieved!