First sensor coming to the end of 7 days

…but I want to keep using it. Do I wait until it completely stops and then just press “Start sensor”?

Hi Dee, wait until your sensor session ends completely. What I did (and this may be unnecessary) was detach the transmitter, wipe it off and reattach it, and then press “start sensor” and start a new session.


You can stop it short of the exact 7 seven-day period. I usually choose a time that is convenient to me and one that I expect my blood sugar to remain flat. I usually take a few finger-stick readings during the two hour “blackout” just to prevent any surprises.

If you want to continue using this sensor for another 7-day “session,” just press “Stop Sensor,” then “Start Sensor.” Then you’ll have to wait two hours before it displays anymore readings. At the end of two hours it requires two finger-stick BG readings just like the start of your first session.

What do you think of the DexCom system so far? Good luck.

I also wait until about 2 hours until “time to change sensor” and hit stop sensor, then hit start sensor. I had a rough first 2 weeks, but now this sensor that is in is on day 11…knock on wood!

I was going to start a new post, but since you seem seasoned, I thought i’d ask you. Once you are on week 2, how do you know it’s time to replace the sensor? Will you get wacky readings? Sensor errors? I am not sure how to tell it’s time. I am on day 11.

Detaching the transmitter is unnecessary.

When the line on the 3 hour graph starts looking frizzy then the sensor is nearing it’s end. The frizziness is caused by readings that are off. Assume your bg is absolutely stable at 100. A fully functioning sensor would produce readings like 100, 100, 100, 100, 100. A sensor on it’s way out might produce readings like 98, 105, 120, 92, 95. Bg does not jump around like this.

I always get ??? on the 12th day so I pick a convenient 2 hour period to insert a new one. On day 7 I also will restart the sensor when it is most convenient sometimes not waiting for it to prompt me. I love my Dex. Robin

Thanks Robin! Tomorrow is day 12, so I am interested to see what happens! I have a straight 12 hours of ??? when I insert a new sensor, so if it lasts more than 12 days, i’ll be so excited! I do remember my CDE, who uses the Dexcom, saying something about 12 days being about what she gets also.

This may actually not happen in the second week. I’ve heard of people making it 17 or 18 days a bunch of times and sometimes even two weeks. I’ve never tried to stretch mine past 12 days but it still worked find then, it was just itchy! When it starts jumping get rid of it but don’t assume it’ll happen in the two week period.

I guess this is tricky, because it seems like (and i’ve only been on it a few weeks) that mine jumps frequently anyways! LOL. I guess I will play it by ear and see how close the numbers are to finger sticks, and look for ???

I did not mean to say that sensors always fail in the second week. When I went past 7 days for the first time this sensor was good for 14 days and it was my decision not to extend into the third week. Then 2 sensors failed on day 13 when I was at work. I decided that the risk of a sensor failure at work is not offset by the additional day of wear.