First time back in the game since DX

I was diagnosed about a year ago, and while I’m pretty fit, I haven’t done any competitive sports since almost a year before my diagnosis…I’ve enrolled myself in a girls basketball league, It’s casual, we’ve got 9 girls, and I will undoubtedly spend a good deal of time on the bench for the first few games. (aerobic exercise seems to drop my BG like none other, and thus, I’m pretty far gone in terms of running shape!)

I was wondering how I should approach my basketball game on thursday?
Any tips, tricks or things I might not know?
I'm an avid hiker, and I walk everywhere (clocking in about 2-10 miles per day) I do pilates and yoga...but I just haven't been in a competitive athletic situation yet!
ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Hey Maia, grats on getting back into the game!!

It’s going to be a lot of trial and error and going to depend a lot on how you respond to the adrenaline rush of competition. I don’t think i’ve ever had as much of a problem playing 5 on 5 full court basketball as I have just constant running on a treadmill. As always, test, tests, test, and CYA with rescue snacks, and be ready to bolus after your game.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Maia, are you on a pump at this point or still doing shots? If on a pump you can definitely be conservative and lower your basal rate for the game. It takes about an hour for the change to take effect so you really need to lower it an hour before. Also, I like to keep a water bottle full of Accelerade or something similar for the game so you can constantly get carbs throughout the workout. Definitely test often and early, as mentioned already. Good luck!


When I used to play basketball I used to have both a waterbottle and a gatorade on the bench with me all the time. This way I could have something with some sugar in it to drink throughout the game if I needed it. That is the hardest part figuring out if you need it or not. Just like Todd said, find something that will work with you as a sports drink and keep both with you. Test often of course, especially because you are getting back into it. I used to have to eat something with some fat in it before the game in order to hold my numbers steady-so back then it was half a bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter toast to try and hold me steady throughout the game. I would have fun and make sure your team knows that if you say you need a sub, that you need a sub. I hope your game goes well!


Hi Maia, I just had my first post-dx competitive athletic experience as well. people on this board were very helpful, listen to what they have to say :slight_smile:
for me with soccer, i have been getting an adrenaline boost that keeps my bg constant through the whole match. however, i found i have huge BG drops after i stop. basically, i go into the match with normal diet and a meal about 2-3 hours before hand, check during warm-ups, and drink about 4-6oz of gatorade if my BG is below 100. luckily, things stay constant while i’m out there running, but even if i’m on the bench for 10 minutes, or during halftime, my BG drops at a rate of almost 1mg/dL a minute. then, when i get home, i get the pleasure of eating around 50 grams of carbs or so with no insulin (spaced out over a few hours to avoid a spike) to counteract the loss of blood glucose from my liver replenishing itself. i also take about a 50% bolus reduction at dinner since competitive exercise increases my insulin sensitivity. my games are in the early afternoon, and by 10pm are so things are back to normal, so i have to stop eating carbs with no insulin :frowning: