First Time Flying With Pump

Ok next month I am moving to another state and I am going to be flying there. I was wondering, what do I do with all my pump stuff. I’ll for sure have 2 boxes of stuff (reservoir and sets). where would I pack that stuff?

I’d pack it in your luggage, well cushioned, although it should be alright. But I’d take a few with you as a carry on, just in case!

Whenever I travel I carry as much of my diabetes supplies on me. When I went to Europe I carried 4 months of all my pump supplies and insulin in my carry on. Maybe I’m just paranoid (thanks Mom :slight_smile: ). You can also talk to the airline and get permission to have an extra carry on. But I guess it just comes down to what you are comfortable with.

Carry on, most definitely. You don’t know if you and your luggage will get separated, what conditions the cargo hold will be (likely freezing - and can sterility of your supplies be guaranteed with freezing), and how they treat the luggage (tossing it, etc). Although not a pumper, I always carry my syringes, test strips, etc with me as a carry-on. I would have it no other way.