First Time Sick Since Diagnosis

I need advice. I’m sick with a fever and a respiratory thing for the first time since diagnosis. I’ve been checking my sugar more often, and according to my meter, my highest result was only 187. Just to be on the safe side, I used glucose/ketone strips. My first result was glucose 3/4% and small ketones. My last result was 2% or more glucose and moderate ketones.

I’m terribly confused because I only spill glucose when my BS is over 240, and my meter is telling me I’m not even close. Does this mean I’m insulin deficient or should trust my meter?

I need to call my doc, but to be honest, I asked him on Friday if I could try oral medications and I’m now a little embarassed. I’m not sure how to adjust the insulin, and I’m a little afraid I’ll have a low in my sleep, since the cough syrup makes me sleepy.


The two things together, ketones and spilling sugar should raise the question of whether your meter is off. Sometimes they are.

Can you get another meter to check with?

I checked with the Freestyle Lite meter I just got in the mail, and it read 285, so I thought it was way off the mark (that was before I started testing for ketones). It is consistently 70+ higher than the Contour meter, so I tossed it. Maybe it was right, which is scary since everything for the last 3 months has been based on the Contour readings. The Freestyle only came with 10 strips, so all I have now is the Contour.

Have you been able to eat? When I was sick with the flu I called my doctor and she told me that it was because I hadn’t been eating (hadn’t been able to eat). Not eating can cause small ketones.

Yes, I’ve been able to eat fine. I think that might be making it worse though. I’m now waiting for the nurse to cal me back.

When I get the flu… and can’t eat I drink 1/2 cup of 7-up or Sprite every hour and check my blood sugar and check for ketones… Plus take insulin according what my Endo says… I learned from the past I got really sick and ended up in the hospital with … it starts with a K… Sorry guys I can’t think staight… Add a low BG a hour ago… it’s up to 85 right now… I’ll get back to you when I can think of the word…

I had to call my mom to ask her what was that word… It’s called Ketoacidosis…