First week on my pump has been ruf

I just been having a bit of a hard time getting the kinks worked out. My educator has been realy good working with me but I seem to be a strange one where nothing works out the way it should! I definitly have a hard time with any high fat or high carb meals which I should stay away from anyway. I have also had a hard time getting all the air out also, even with a magnifying glas it's hard to see.

Welcome to pumping!

If you are having problems getting the air bubbles out, you might try "ignoring" them and wearing the pump at an angle that forces the bubbles into the bottom of the cartridge (away from the luer lock/tubing connection). This way, the bubbles will not be a factor until you reach the end of the supply and then you will change the cartridge.

As for the high fat/high carb, try sticking with "normal" meals during this initial stage. It's the whole reducing variables thing. As I am sure you are being told, getting your basal rate dialed in is the critical first step - the foundation on which to build your pumping life.


Hello again, Gayler.
Please remember that our pump support is open 800-688-4578 is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Also, here is a link to some videos that you might find helpful. If so, feel free to post to the group!

Accu-Chek Video Library

Have a good week, and let me know how things are going.


Thanks Rob and others! I'll checkout the videos. It's Always the litle things that get me in trouble. Like forgetting to bolus the other night when I changed out my set,

I can relate to this. It's been two weeks and I'm ready to call it quits. Nothing seems to work. I feel like I've been fiddling with buttons non-stop.

Mike Ratrie, suggest sticking with "normal" meals. I'm not sure what that means. Normal for whom? What a person from India considers normal is what someone in Kansas calls Indian food etc.

Don't judge a book by it's cover and don't assume normal means white American food.

Realize, this post is over two years old. Khurt, what are you eating? Are your numbers high or low? What are your basal rates set at? Etc, etc, etc..