Fishy tale Part 1

Duncan looked out of his bedroom window a new day awaited the Sun was shinning the birds were singing and Duncan had one thing on his mind fishing the love of his life no girls for him what girl would sit on the riverbank for 6 hours or more trying to catch a wriggly smelly fish,Duncan jumped out of bed not realizing the Sun might be shinning but at 7 am in the morning the bedroom floor was like an ice box,whoo he shouted as if to wake the house up that’s cold but he soon put on his socks dressed into his day clothes no school today it was Saturday freedom no sitting in a stuffy class room daydreaming about fishing today he could fish to his hearts delight,mom was already up and breakfast was on the table toast and his favorite marmalade tangy lemon he scoffed it all down drank his glass of milk kissed his mom and went down the garden to his little shed where his fishing tackle was kept all I need now is some juicy worms so he set about worm hunting like a hunter in the jungle but down amongst the grass he grabbed a small trowel which mom used to dig the holes for her plants and set about lifting small pieces of turf until he found his first worm after hlaf an hour and feeling a bit tired he had collected 20 to 30 worms all wriggling about in his old marmalade jar, hm he thought food for myself just then mom shouted Duncan your lunch box is ready now that is room service he thought opening the lunch box he found lots of his favorite food apple banana sandwiches filled with egg and cress two strawberry drinks and a bottle of spring water enough to feed an army he thought,collecting his fishing rod basket and keep that a net which hangs in the water to keep his fish in unitil he decided to go home when he would empty the keep and let all the fish go.