Five day weekend!

i’ve got a five day weekend thanks to faculty confrences, which is great because i think if i have to deal with butter or the flat top imported from the surface of the sun for on more day this week i’m going to run screaming out of the room. on monday all i could smell after i left school was butter. yesterday me and a classmate got butter burns on our hands because someone had let it get too hot so when i was laddling some out into a mixing bowl it cooled too rapidly and starting popping out of the bowl…and onto us. i was never a huge fan of hollandaise and now i am even less so. i have a paper due when i get back on monday. short and long term career goals. i find the idea of writing a paper about my career goals a little silly since i’ve never had a job in the food industry and really have no idea what i’m good at yet. but i’m kind of just BSing my way through with ideas in regards to stuff that i like and hoping for the best. it’s a shame that you can’t make a career out of fluting mushrooms or i’d be set for life.

until monday i have plenty to do though. i’m going to work my butt (and tummy) off every day and stretch as often as i can because my left hip is getting tight from sleeping on my side (i think it’s gotten a bit out of alignment), going to spend sunday with a friend, dump all the cat litter for new stuff, spend some time with my fella and my babies, and hopefully get a little driving in. and probably clean since, really, there’s never a week when i don’t even if i have no desire to. i just hate messes.

i like have something to o during the day, but it’s nice to have a little free time too.