Fixing those darn spikes! etc

Hey wonderful ladies,

Well, I think I did it! Got pregnant, that is. :slight_smile: Eeeeeeeeeeee! I tested positive on a home test yesterday, and I’ve already scheduled a bunch of doctor’s appointments (let the madness begin!) but I thought I’d ask here for some advice as well.

  1. My doctor told me to test for ketones first thing in the morning once I found out I was pregnant. So, I did that this morning and, unfortunately, had moderate ketones. An hour later, they were gone, but of course that still worries me. My blood sugar was fine, so what do I do to prevent them? I’m also battling a mild cold, so that may be a factor.

  2. I’m already noticing higher numbers, and am hoping that it’s due to the cold partly. I was hoping to be one of those pregnant women who ran low the first few weeks!! I’ve already upped all my basal rates, which is helping some. Right now, I’m concerned about my one-hour post-meal readings, which are running in the high 100s…not good. It will come down by the two hour. I take my bolus (I use a pump) a good 20 minutes before eating. Do I need to raise my basals more? Not sure what the solution is here. I keep going back and thinking about every high that I’ve had…ugh! My last a1c was fine (6.4) but I still can’t help but be concerned.

Thanks for your imput…I love this group and hearing everyone’s stories!!


Congratulations Christina! Hoorah!

I’m 17 weeks along now :slight_smile:

I also had some highs in the early weeks (after finding out that I was pregnant). My insulin needs went up slightly and only decreased around week 9. I am still finding that I am more insulin sensitive than pre-pregnancy. I keep expecting this to the the “last week” of insulin sensitivity, but they just keep coming!

So you may still see lows… or you may not. The most important thing is to adjust your insulin needs based on your numbers. I make these decisions with my endo weekly – so find out what will work for you and your endo.

Also, I seem to find that pregnancy hormones can be a little inconsistent. For example, I’m insulin sensitive over all, but my breakfast bolus is THREE TIMES more than it would have been pre-pregnancy.

My endo takes the philosophy that we follow my numbers even if they tell us to do surprising things. So far it has worked well for me.

I had one cold already during pregnancy and I am just beginning my second one. That did bring on major insulin resistance and I needed to increase basals and boluses.

Additionally, I’m eating six times a day, but with smaller carb amounts at each meal/snack. Also, I’m only eating fruit at my insulin sensitive times (never at breakfast, but always in the afternoon and before bed).

My doctor also emphasized that I should not go long without eating as that can lead to ketones. She did not tell me to test for ketones, but just to never fast longer than necessary. So I am on a schedule where I have a snack around 10pm and breakfast at 7am. She did not offer sleeping in as an option. I know others were on much less strict schedules, but this seems to be working for me.

Sorry for the random list of points :slight_smile:

Thanks Kristin - this is helpful! When I called the doctor to tell them about the ketones, she did ask me if I had a bedtime snack with protein…which I had, around 8:30 or 9. I have no problem eating a snack if that will help prevent ketones…I’m always hungry at night!

Ooo I haven’t been eating any protein before bed – that’s a good idea!

I’m having my bedtime apple now and I just added some cheese :slight_smile:

Well, I’m still having the ketones. I’m eating about 20g at 9:30, then when I wake up around 7-7:30 I have moderate ketones. I’m not sure if I should eat a snack later at night? The only thing the doctors told me was to make sure I was eating enough carbs…175g/day, which I definitely did! Ugh. I’m not sure how concerned about this I should be.

Dear Christina!

Congrats on your pregnancy!
As far as I know, it is quite normal even for totally healthy women (without diabetes) to have positive ketone tests during the whole pregnancy. I have friends (without DT1) who had ketones in the hospital tests as well and their doctor told them not to worry at all about this. But you should ask your doctor if it worries you! (I have never heard about anyone who had to make a keton test when she got pregnant…)
Good luck for your pregnancy and have a beautiful and happy 9 months!

Thanks, Molli! My doctor does want me to test every morning…and so far every morning I have had ketones! But, like you said, they mentioned it was fairly common, and not to worry too much. Insulin resistance has definitely kicked in for now…I’m already taking about 20 more units a day of insulin! Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!