The word in my post title is totally made up. It came to me while I was actually experiencing a flagmo. No, it’s not a “condition” per se. It’s one of those moments in time that you’d like to remember later, because it’s so nice or inspiring or just a moment… a “flag-for-follow-up moment”… a flagmo !

Clemmie and I are sitting in the bright spring morning sunshine.
(Clementine is my 19 year old kitty)
Birds are chirrping, an airplane flies overhead, the sun is warm.
My toes are damp in my flip flops, from the morning dew on the grass.

I’ve never written a blog before, but I imagine it’s akin to journaling. Thoughts and ideas to be written and saved and shared.

I’ll probably be entering flagmos on my blog. They’re positive, happy and even inspiring thoughts and moments in time.

Maybe they’ll inspire some of you to start collecting flagmos that you experience during your day.

Even if you just realize that they’re happening all the time, it’ll put a more positive spin on your day.

Flagmos… I hope they catch on !

Flagmo"s yup love it! I will like it and people will get to see this onmy facebook, let see if it ends up in the dictionary some day.

Thanks karebear1966 !
Started noticing flagmos all over the place this afternoon.

Coffee in the afternoon at my “work-at-home” job…YAY, I have a job!
Seem like a lot of bees hanging around this spring… More flowers will get pollinated. Ahhhhh !

Keep on the lookout for those sneaky little flagmos. They’re everywhere !

Today is cool and rainy,
but dinner is simmering in the slow-cooker.
Perfect time for an afternoon nap.
Oh, yeah !