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Terry - The apparent low between 5-6am is intentionally induced.

I have a significant issue with dawn effect 20-30 minutes after rising (generally I get up 5am).

I’ve now taken to tripling my basal (pump) dosage from 0.400U to 1.300U at 3:00am, as well when I awake around 3AM I also pre-bolus an additional 2.0Units.

If I don’t do this my sugars spike to 10+ (over 180) and take 6-9 hours to return to the norm.

Aside from that minor wrinkle life is good :slight_smile:


I get it – that notorious “feet-on-the-floor” triggered need for extra insulin! I struggled with that for many months and then it disappeared and was replaced by a lower-trending BGs within an hour after getting up.

I think the diabetes trolls like to make mischief by changing things up; once we solve one problem, they throw another variation at us!



I’m hoping mine will fade too

Dawn effect has never been anywhere near this bad.

Can’t figure out why the diabetes trolls are punishing
me / us like this. I don’t eat much at all anymore - certainly not pigging out on protein + fat with late night meals …

Hope you’re well Terry -


48 hours
Time in range, 65-120 mg/dL (3.6-6.7) = 97%
Min = 59 (3.3)
Max = 117 (6.5)
Avg = 88 (4.9)
Std. Dev. = 13 (0.7)

On this New Year’s Eve, time rolls on. Diabetes never ends.

Happy 2019, everyone!


Wow!! Great job. Sounds miraculous to me! :slight_smile:


Very nice! Congratulations!

Happy New Year to you as well!


Wow, that’s incredible. Surely better than many non-diabetics. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to you and your family.