Flexifix Question

For those of you who use Flexifix under your sensor pod, do you cut a hole in the center for the wire to go through or do you just insert through the Flexifix? This will be my first sensor change and I need something to help with the tape sticking 7 days. I’ve read that this is a great product to help. Thanks.

I know that you said “under” but I actually put my Flexifix tape over the white Dexcom adhesive. I put the sensor on first then cut 4 strips of the Flexifix to put a small piece on each side. Some people do put it under and I think they cut holes in it first.

Thanks. I know I’ve read about people using it and it working well, but Dexcom says don’t use anything “under” the sensor pod. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I use it OVER, not under… under would not do me any good at all. I use about a 4x3" piece and cut a hole in the middle for the entire sensor pod.

I am also an “over the top” user, but I do know your answer:

You SHOULD cut a doughnut hole for the wire insertion area.

My recommendation is based on worry that it could actually matter TWICE. When shooting in, of course, the spring on the inserter needle isn’t strong enough to pierce the film and STILL have enough “drive-in-power” and speed – to assure that the wire is inserted properly (firm, fast, and absolutely straight).

But also, when you remove the Sensor; if the naked wire is being dragged against resistive glue and plastic, it could be more likely to break off before it’s completely out.

Thanks…it all makes sense now. And did I read right that when I take it out, I lift from the narrow end of the transmitter first? That way I run less of a risk that the wire stays in. The whole idea of the wire being left in scares me pretty much.

I personally lift off from the wide end to the narrow end, where the wire is. Never had a problem but maybe I’ve just been lucky so far!

Thanks for the response. I know I read a really good posting about the removal of the sensor and how you should pull out in the direction that it went in, but for the life of me, I can’t find the post now to re-read it.

I lift the white part then pull up from the end of the transmitter then the wire end. It comes out easier that way for me :slight_smile: