Flexitarian/Vegetarian cookbooks

I’m trying to reduce my meat intake, to one serving a day at most- usually dinner. I’ve been looking for a new cookbook that is vegetarian (not vegan, I love cheese!) that also includes nutrition facts w/the recipes. Any suggestions?
I hate having to add everything up on my own all the time, but if there is one that is absolutely great w/out nutrition, I’ll take that too.

I love http://vegweb.com!!!

Check it out!

I love the Moosewood Cookbook. I have an older version, but if you want an actual book, this is a great one.

I’m a cook and a Vegetarian, and a 20 year Type-1 diabetic. After 2-years of study, I made the switch to Vegetarian 6-months ago. I have a lot of great books, but here are just a few starting with my favorite which contains a lot of supporting data and a few recipes. The first book is really a why and how-to book. Hope this helps you.

Becoming Vegetarian - Melina, Davis, and Harrison
Fresh Food Fast - Berley
Veganomican - Moskowitz and Romero
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian - Bittman

PS…the are lot’s of great Vegetarian recipe sites on the net. Start with Google and you’ll find them.