Float Trip

We are taking a camping trip this weekend and I am just now thinking that I am going to have keep my sons kit dry. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking that I would just get one of the "keep dry" box?

When I've been camping I just use my normal portable kit (which isn't waterproof but water resistant) that I keep in my pocket. Then I keep backups of everything in a dry spot back at the campsite/car. That works fine for day trips on the water, but if you'll be portaging canoes it probably would be good to get a dry box since otherwise there won't be an accessible dry spot to leave the backups in.

Thanks for the input. I’ll keep that in mind

I use a clear, hard plastic Otterbox if I am going anywhere that my things can get wet! I keep my meter, glucagon, glucose tabs in there. They have all different sizes and you can just order one on amazon (they have a big selection). I also sometimes use a clear, dry bag to keep my CGM in so I can actually see it without taking it out of the case.

(similar to this)

For rafting and snorkeling, I use a dry bag that I got from REI; they come in various sizes. For snorkeling, I can tie it around my waist.

The dry bags from REI are excellent and I use them, too. You can get them elsewhere though, even on Amazon. They are Sea to Summit Dry Sacks.

Thanks everyone! I’m looming into those right now.

Ziplock Bags are awesome, I use them a lot. And just to be safe I sometimes double them