Someday, when angry waters stop rising and the Tides of Trouble circle back to focus in on real problems. We will let our own faults, gasp for their last breath while they drown out to sea.

For pleasant, calm warm water is left in their place.
There is a comfortable waterline with no fear of deepness.
There are shallow puddles to splash in, your smiles to reflect in, and joy to seep in, everywhere around you is true.

Just once, experience the feeling of that perfect ocean wave.
It bellows back from the vivid Hawaiian horizon steady and controlled.
Like smooth lava tunneling in concert , with purpose and path.
The melted chocolate soothing rhythm wave pleasures even the pounding sand. Always ways finishing the journey with a thoundering applause, miles long from Neputne’s laws.

Make yourself a moment.
Think pure and true, like waters waves of the bluest blue.
Small at first potiential unseen before.

For having no control of such a Life filled Beast is what scares everyone.
Being in control… or losing it… is a struggle for one’s Life either way.
For Life, with no room for error is no life.

Be Found.
There is truly nothing like being consumed from all sides with Love.
Your possibilities are endless; your decisions are made for you,
You can finally freeze time and unknowingly enjoy one’s true self.

It’s that unexplainable frame of mind, that Water and Love both share.
You can either drown yourself in happiness or drown trying to be happy.
You’re always going to be too deep or too shallow when you try too hard.

So welcome Love to take control and guide your ship.
You’ll peacefully float, slowly and sure
Just don’t forget about the Troubled Tides that stir.

The waves,the endless waves
and their forever sung songs
the beach welcomes the waves
with open arms
the waves leave their secrets
and go back to the open ocean
bringing more and more
to the waiting shore…


I enjoyed reading this