Floating high but I'm always down

Ugh, why doesn’t it ever get easier? i. just. do. not. understand. Where is that person to take you by the hand, or say hey, eat this and this and this and your bloodsugar’s will be normal? I would eat the exact same thing everyday if I knew the “secret code”…I feel like I’m in a videogame…or that really hard Contra sequence…
I’ve been to twenty? more? Diabetic classes…no help. none. And then my endicrinologist is all “Hey why don’t we send you to ANOTHER class?” Great plan. I measure everything, I starve myself, I don’t win. Ever. I remember in the early nineties, they were saying oh a cure is just around the corner have faith…um yeah ok, it’s practically 2008 and the latest thing they are saying is that weird genetically enhanced lettuce pills will cure Diabetes. Yeeeeeeeeeeah right. Faith? What did Nietzsche say about faith? Anyone? anyone? Bueller?..A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

and the drugs don’t work.

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time lately. I’ve been hearing “we’re almost at a cure” for over twenty years. I say, wake me when we get there.

Been hearing a cure in 5 years, for over 44 years now.