Been home for about 2 weeks now and loved every minute of going abroad for the first time!

was so worried as to how aaron would manage but he did great and already planning out next trip in 2009 where we will also renew our vows.

loved disney and went round all the parks, so much to see and do.

aaron went lo 2 times and managed ok at getting his lantus injection at 2pm every day, would have been 7pm uk time.

Only one major hiccup, that was after driving 4 hours to get to airport in glasgow, scotland we found the lantus was missing and my hubby had to drive back and get it! that was a close one, he just made check in the next morning!

also on the last day we crashed into another car, the wing mirror was completely off so not too much damage, everyone got a big scare though.

aaron has actually had more hypos since coming home, it was a chilly 8 degrees when we came back, after florida being in the 80's/90's it was a shock to say the least LOL

pics are here if anyone wants a peek www.bebo.com/aarcal