Flu and diabetes (Type 2)

I think I have this figured out that I have a mild dose of the flu. Another incident happened a day ago when I had to go home for nausea, fever, symptoms but no cramps this time. when I got home my temperature was 101. not to mention I kept falling asleep while driving home. Yeah I know not safe. I took some NyQuil because it was handy and my fever broke. my BG stay in the 300’s. I figured that was from the medicine since I had not eaten anything all day. As of today I am feeling alot better and feeling my self coming back. I still feel fatigue with a few aches in my sides

Question: Should I start getting the flu shot? I work at a job where I am constantly working with the public now. I don’t ever remember getting like this in the private sector. I have never gotten one before. Has any body else had similar symptoms while being diabetic?

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in my opinion I would never do without i.t

My husband always gets the shot; I roll the dice because I haven’t had an actual really nasty flu since 1976…The recommendations we know are: that if you truly have the flu and not some passing IckeyPooPoo unnamed bug, there’s an antiviral that you inhale that can still be effective…He said that most places that administer the shot should be able to help you figure out what is appropriate…I reference David because he is a retired emergency manager for the city and had to prepare for epidemics as well as earthquakes…He is Not diabetic, so definitely talk to others of us on the subject!..Blessings @Christalyn