Flu or Foodpoisoning? High BG?

I’ve been sick for a couple of days, with a 12 hour peak of vomiting, at first i thought it was food poisoning, because my bloodsugars were stable and weren’t elevated. But the day after, yesterday and still today they are through the roof and aren’t coming down. So i’m thinking now that it might be a flu. Does anybody know if your BG runs high from food poisoning? or only with flu?

food [space] poisoning…doh. I’m at work and typing quickly, please excuse the sloppy typing

I don’t know for sure but…
Onset of a virus usually runs me low then once bacteria is trying to grow my sugar goes up and up.
I would not think bad food would do more then dehydrate you which could cause your BG to rise.
Not sure though only speaking from my past dealings with it.
Be well and be loved