Flu shots and diabetes

Has anyone been offered the flu shot courtesy of your employer yet this season? I got the offer today.I’m afraid to get one because last year I got one from my doctors office and ended sick 5 months later anyway.

I get the flu shot every year. Some times i get it through my employer if they offer it first or I will get it from the doctors office. The way I see it some protection is better than none. I will get the N1H1 when it comes out but I will only do it in shot format and not the live flu mist

Took mine a week ago. No side effects so far. Not sure about the H1N1 yet. Haven’t decided if I am going to take it or not.

I got my regular flu shot last week. The N1H1 I will get in shot format and not the mist so that is on hold. I get the flu shot every year and have never (knock on wood) had any side effects.

I get the flu shot every April yearly. So far, no side effects yet nor have been down with flu. My doctor says it is better preventive… specially since I am also asthmatic.

I got my flu shot about a month ago. No side effects. I will be getting the H1N1 shot when it comes out. According to my doctor they should have it about the end of the month.

It is worth noting that maybe your illness did not come from the flu stains that are targeted in the vaccination you received. I never hesitate to get the shot each year. It seems to be another way that I can avoid future illness. The same goes for H1N1 - I can’t wait to get that one. Back during the Spanish Flu pandemic, 4 members of my family died from that illness - two of whom were pregnant when they died. I can imagine that if they could be asked, they would think the vaccinations that we debate and take for granted would be a miracle. The same goes for polio, typhoid, etc. We are so incredibly fortunate that we can take advantage of these things which prevent truly awful diseases. I continue to be mystified by the ‘black helicopter’ crowd who would consciously place their lives, and the lives of their families at risk based on some baseless theory that flies directly in the face of the best scientific knowledge available.

I get it every year with no side effects. I agree with Wil some protection is better than none. Dr.Advised me not to get the H1N1 because their has not been enough testing. Gov. in to big of hurry to get it out.

The flu shot is free for anyone who wants it where I live.

Flu shots don’t keep you from getting sick. Lots of things make you sick that people mis-label as the flu. A flu shot boosts your flu immunity, and if you do get the flu, you won’t be nearly as sick as if you didn’t have the shot.

There are many, many strains of the flu. This year we are given options of treatment for two strains, normally it is only one. Epidemiologists determine the strain of flu to vaccinate for ahead of the actual beginning of flu season based on many scientific variables like what is happening in other countries whose season proceeds ours, what strains existed the previous year and other factors. It’s scientific, but it’s still their best guess. So if you got the vaccine for one strain, you could still come down with another strain. It’s still worth doing, especially for us imho.

I have already gotten my flu shot about a month. I haven’t ever had any side effects from it. My toddler get the flu mist and he doesn’t either. Still don’t know about the H1N1 yet.

Last year flu shot time was my first with my new endo she insisted I get one, Don’t remember ever getting one in the 18 years that I have been D. After I got that stupid shot, its like my immune system was shot to hell, never had allergies now I do. I have basically just been slightly miserable since that shot. I won’t be getting one this year…

I have never gotten the flu shot. I don’t like the idea of it and have been okay. I have always gotten the flu once per year. Even after the flu shot came out, I did not take it and have still been getting the flu once per year.

I do not like the idea of medicines and am afraid of putting foreign vaccines and medications in my body. Yes, this does suck considering I’m T1D.

I do not like the idea of H1N1 vaccines. The outbreak only started this past May (less than six months ago) and already it is all over the news and internet that everyone MUST take the vaccine. I don’t trust vaccines that have only been tested and pushed (strongly) by the government as well as the media at such an incredible rate. I do not want to take the risk of getting some other form of disease from this new vaccine and will have to risk my odds at contracting H1N1 on my own. Many believe T1D to be a result of a bad batch of required vaccines.

Until then, I will be walking with blinders on, washing my hands regularly, and taking good care of my body- sleep and nutrition. That is all that I can hope for for now.

Marps, I don’t get flu shots either & for the same reasons. I’d rather take my chances getting sick than with injecting even more foreign substances. For decades, vaccines have been linked to auto-immune disorders & I have enough of these already. Vaccines also use ingredients such as mercury as perservatives.

The H1N1 “crisis” has been greatly overplayed, I think. Our big pharm buddies are making big $ & their stocks have risen since the flu shots have become available.

When I was a young kid, the moms in my neighborhood had German Measles parties so all the kids could get it. This way we wouldn’t have to worry about getting infected when pregnant because it can cause birth defects. My mother believed that natural immunity was better than vaccines. She’d say, get sick & then get stronger:)

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor this mornig for friday morning.I’m still debating on getting the shot.She may strongly encourage it.I’m not sure yet what she thinks of the H1N1 flu shot.I guess I find out Friday.If I decide to get it,wish me luck.I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

We got our shots, but we paid the price. For the first time, both DH and I were sick … just not feeling right for about two days.
But when I consider the alternative, it’s a small price to pay for feeling awful for weeks. I’ll do the N1H1 when they offer it and take what I get.