Flu Shots and Type 1 diabetes

I had a couple of items I wondered what people thought about.

  1. For the parents out there with children that have diabetes do you make sure they get the flu shot every year?

  2. My wife is convinced the flu shot contributed to my daughter getting type 1. I have read others who feel that same. Anyone know if there has been any study on that?

I don’t think I got a flu shot before I got diabetes, but when I was younger I used to get it every year after I got diabetes (since it was recommended).

As an adult now I’m pretty lax about it. I get it if I remember, but a lot of years I don’t. I didn’t get a flu shot last year and I was fine. In fact, I haven’t had so much as a cold in about two years. I figure that between not getting sick, having Type 1, a severe food allergy, and a multitude of indoor and outdoor allergies, my immune system must be top notch (clearly it has a lot of spare time on its hands!).

I can’t answer your question !!! …due to my age …I get a shot every year since diabetes ( 1983 ) , so far so good …please remember I am 71 years …I also got the pneumonia ( sp??) …my hubby , not living with d ( 80 plus ) gets his flu shot yearly .

40 years I had never had a flu shot. Then shortly after turning 40 I was diagnosed as LADA. So far the only flu shot I have gotten was the H1N1.

My mother nags me every year, starting now-ish, to get a flu shot. I always do it, eventually. I really hate the thing. It hurts! And I get scared I cry like a little kid (I’m 36, and not exactly new to needles). I never get the flu, but maybe I wouldn’t, anyway. A couple years ago I asked my endo how important he thought it was, and he called the nurse in to give it to me, so he thinks it’s important.

A couple years ago I actually got the shot before my mom even mentioned it, and I called her to crow abut it and ask if she’d gotten hers yet. She replied “Oh no, dear. I never get that thing. It hurts!”. Pffff.

I don’t know if this will be any help or not. My son did not ever have a flu shot until after he was diagnosed. I have gotten all required immunizations for my children; however, I am not a big fan of them. I’ve wondered if an immunization shot is what started the process for my son to get diabetes. Good luck with your decision.

Let’s not dredge up J. Bart Classen again! Classen’s studies are examples of “bad science” that cannot be replicated, it is indeed a less valid theory. See Diabetes Monitor article. Type 1 diabetes existed for thousands of years (see original Turkish and Egyptian descriptions) before vaccines.

Never had a flu shot & don’t intend to ever get one. I’d rather have the flu than take a health risk, though I’ve yet to catch it despite my husband bringing it home from his students. Healthcare people always recommend it because it’s part of the medical model.

I’ve been getting a flu shot every year. No flu and no problems with the shots. I have yet to see any science backing up the anti-vaccine scare. The work done on autism seems to have put the vaccine theory to a well deserved rest in that case.


I never had a flu shot before I was diagnosed, but now my endo recommends it.