Flying high with no reason?

I’m excited about a field trip to a hydroponics plant today! (tomato plants that grow 25 feet tall!) So, I came downstairs and tested as usual. SHOCK! Dismay. 307 I have not registered this high in the last two years that I know of! What happened? I tested again different finger and got the same number. Tested at different hand and got 301. 30 minutes later; I’m down to 281 and still shocked. I don’t even know if I should eat breakfast.
Then, as if a stupid number could throw my day… add it’s my frumpy sweetheart’s day off. He makes yummy french toast for the kids and then promptly gets in to a verbal tiff with the kids about doing dishes. sigh… I really need some time off. Too much stress. :frowning: I feel like my family is coming to pieces with everything going on.
I did find out that my kids counselor was the one to turn allegations of “child abuse” to Social Services last week. We will be living under a magnifying glass for the the next 3 months. What gets me is when you have 2 kids with anxiety-nos with psychotic behaviours; the counselor knows the whoppers these kids can make up with their imagination… and I get tagged with a “bad mom” label. ugh.
And life goes on…

She has two teens in public highschool, a budget that says she is doing quite well financially. No understanding of the fact that I have 6 kids and cant afford an art summer camp for one child and a camp trip to the beach for the month for the whole family. etc… yeah, She does have the college degrees.sigh… I’m tired of counselors,social services and diabetes.
My numbers are high and I care; but don’t care. I’m tired of “dieting” I’m tired of not being able to eat the things that I want. I want a vacation from it all. Just a breathe deep and long for the rest of my life kind of peace.:frowning:

Just a follow up note. Social Services has taken my son into fostercare today.
We’ll go to court in three days for "probable cause). (which means no pay for my husband that day. when finances are already tight. we cannot afford an atty either.)

No. I havent gotten my son back. We will go to a jury trial whenever they get around to it. He wants to come home.
Our van has died. No transpo. Stress is unreal. My numbers are sitting around 180 at wakeup time and float anywhere from 120 to 180 the rest of the day.