Flying with liquid meds

I’m not refering to insulin, I’m wondering if a large bottle of liquid medication(with the rx label on it) is ok-or do I need a doctors note as well? (mentally picturing the headlines-Diabetic detained after search reveals needles, potent liquid) Kinda worried about this.

If it’s larger than 3 ounces, put it in a clear plastic bag (aside from your regular liquid bag) and take it out when you go through security. If you leave it in your bag and it shows up on the scan (which large amounts of liquid apparently do) there could be some hassle, so better not to. It’s definitely allowed, though, even OTC stuff.

Here is the FAA rule policy about liquid medications:



You may bring all prescription and over-the-counter medications (liquids, gels, and aerosols) including KY jelly, eye drops, and saline solution for medical purposes.

Additional items you may bring include:

  • Liquids including water, juice, or liquid nutrition or gels for passengers with a disability or medical condition;
  • Life-support and life-sustaining liquids such as bone marrow, blood products, and transplant organs;
  • Items used to augment the body for medical or cosmetic reasons such as mastectomy products, prosthetic breasts, bras or shells containing gels, saline solution, or other liquids; and,
  • Gels or frozen liquids needed to cool disability or medically related items used by persons with disabilities or medical conditions.

You are not limited in the amount or volume of these items you may bring in your carry-on baggage. BUT if the medically necessary items exceed 3 ounces or are not contained in a one-quart, zip-top plastic bag, you MUST declare to one of our Security Officers at the checkpoint for further inspection.